Toronto's Criminal Records to Close in July

Toronto's Criminal Records to Close in July
Just days after learning that Toronto, ON record store Sonic Boom would be relocating this summer, we've caught wind of another big change for the city's music shoppers: the much-loved Criminal Records will be closing by the end of July.

In an update posted today (June 23) on Facebook, the store's Josh Leonard wrote that the shut-down is due to "failed negotiations and reasons of a very personal nature." He added that "this has nothing to do with poor business, as we have enjoyed record sales that have gone up every single year. In our dreams, we could have never anticipated that we would be selling this much music in 2011."

This is sad news for Toronto music fans, as Criminal has long been a source for more indie-oriented records and CDs, not to mention an impressive collection of T-shirts and merchandise.

Leonard wrote, "What makes this so hard is losing the relationships we have forged. Many of you have become far more than customers; you have become our friends and family.

"We hope all of you will continue to record shop in our city's amazing music stores, and we will no doubt see you as we both flip through the racks in great stores like Soundscapes, Sonic Boom, Rotate This, Hits & Misses, etc..."

In the weeks leading up to the closure, the store will be liquidating its stock. Be sure to drop by to partake in what Leonard promises will be "some amazing record sales."