Toronto's Briefcasefest Gets Sunlight's Bane, Angantyr, Völur for 2017 Edition

Toronto's Briefcasefest Gets  Sunlight's Bane, Angantyr, Völur for 2017 Edition
For the fifth time in as many years, Briefcase Show Inc. is set to bring some extreme music to Toronto venues with its Briefcasefest. Going down from May 19 to 21, the event has now begun rolling out its 2017 lineup.

While this will be the first year to feature multiple all-ages events, the lineup is no less threatening. Southern Ontario mosh merchants Mourn, Quebec black metal band Hak-Ed Damm, Toronto violin-wielding doomsters Völur, sludgy metallic Toronto hardcore quartet Ancress, and experimental/ambient act HRRR are now all set to play the event.

They join previously announced acts such as Michigan blackened-grinders Sunlight's Bane, Danish black metallers Angantyr and Myrd, Black Empire, Dirt, and Brigitte Bardon't.

The festival will also serves as the Ontario premiere of Blekkmetal, a documentary on the 2015 Norwegian black metal festival of the same name.

In a statement, festival organizer Max Deneau had this to say:

Bringing the underhanded Wu-Tang Clan references that have always anchored this event full circle, I am pleased to fulfill the five-year plan and have a role in making Briefcasefest happen once again. I say this every year, but I couldn't be prouder of how things have shaped up and feel confident that attendees will be satisfied with both the diversity and intensity of the lineup.

A film screening is something I've always wanted to do as well, and bringing
Blekkmetal to Toronto has been on the table since some time last year, so to have this come together really pushes things over the edge! Many thanks for the support all these years and to all of the artists, venues and co-conspirators who have made it possible from the get-go.

As has been the case in years prior, the festival will continually reveal new acts as they're confirmed on their Facebook group. A Facebook event will also be created on April 2, where full ticketing and venue information will be revealed.