Toro y Moi Heads Underneath the Pine on Sophomore Album

Toro y Moi Heads <i>Underneath the Pine</i> on Sophomore Album
Although he was initially pegged as just another chillwaver, Toro y Moi (née Chazwick Bundick) has shown some unexpected stylistic breadth as of late, releasing the garage-y "Leave Everywhere" (see the video below) and unveiling his dancefloor-oriented alter ego, Le Sins. Now, the Columbia, NC SC-based songwriter has announced his sophomore album as Toro y Moi, Underneath the Pine, due out February 22 via Carpark.

In an interview with Exclaim! earlier this year, Bundick spoke about the upcoming album, saying, "It's gonna be different from Causers [of This], more lo-fi. The songwriting is more linear, as opposed to having the ability to move samples and parts around."

He added, "I usually like to work on guitar-/piano-based stuff and then MIDI-/electronic-based stuff. I tend to get bored when I work on one thing"

No songs from the album have been released yet, but judging by Bundick's track record, we can expect a very different sound from his chillwave-y Causers of This.

Thanks to Pitchfork for the heads-up.

Underneath the Pine:

1. "Intro/Chi Chi"

2. "New Beat"

3. "Go with You"

4. "Divina"

5. "Before I'm Done"

6. "Got Blinded"

7. "How I Know"

8. "Light Black"

9. "Still Sound"

10. "Good Hold"

11. "Elise"