TOPS "Change of Heart" (video)

TOPS 'Change of Heart' (video)
Want to see how much fun TOPS have on tour? The soft-focus Montreal pop band have let us in on life on the road thanks to a video for their new single "Change of Heart."

The song is a peppy guitar pop number that's slightly more upbeat than most of the material on 2012's Tender Opposites without representing too huge of a departure.

In a statement, the band explained the fun-loving tour footage like this: "In March TOPS went on a U.S. tour with Calvin Love. We borrowed a camera from our friend and recorded all of the fun times, the mundane times, friends we ran into, friends we met, and some total strangers. A lot of the footage was filmed at a house we rented with eight other people during SXSW, and the rest is just being on the road or fucking around at shows and in motel rooms. Big thanks to all the friends that made it in, shout out to Sean Nicholas Savage, Calvin Love, Empress Of, Dylan III, Moon King. RIP ATH. Love, TOPS."

This song will appear on a 7-inch that comes backed by "Sleeptalker." It's due out on June 23 through Arbutus and can be pre-ordered here. The sophomore full-length Picture You Staring will follow.