Tony Iommi Tapped to Score "Black Sabbath" Horror Movie Franchise

Tony Iommi Tapped to Score 'Black Sabbath' Horror Movie Franchise
Since future royalties with long-time outfit Black Sabbath might be severely cut back after being sued by Ozzy Osbourne recently, it appears as though legendary guitarist Tony Iommi has found a new venture to rake in some dough.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, reality television producer Mike Fleiss has opted to venture deeper into feature films than just the 2003 Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake and the Hostel franchise. He's created a company dubbed Next Films that aspires to capture the horror, comedy, music and documentary film genre.

And how does the creator of indelibly cool riffs in classics such as "Iron Man" and "Paranoid" come into play? He's signed a deal with Fleiss to score the horror wing's soundtracks for an undisclosed amount. Ironically, the franchise he's starting with is dubbed Black Sabbath, yet has nothing to do with the iconic band. It's more of a self-aware tie-in/jumping-off point.

Here's hoping that the Ozzman doesn't come after him again, claiming use of the Sabbath name means he's entitled to a cut.