Toni Basil Is Suing Everyone for Using "Mickey"

Disney, 'South Park,' Viacom and Forever 21 are all targeted in the lawsuit
Toni Basil Is Suing Everyone for Using 'Mickey'
There's no denying that Toni Basil's "Mickey" is a fine pop song. So fine, in fact, that it has blown many people's minds. But while TV execs love to utilize the percussive new wave hit in their work, Basil is not having it. She's just launched a lawsuit against multiple parties.

According to Deadline, Basil claims that Razor & Tie has been illegally licensing her song for many years. As a result, she's suing everyone from Disney and Viacom to South Park and Forever 21.

According to the lawsuit, Razor & Tie acquired the song through a "complex shell game," and has been licensing it without her knowledge. Basil admits she's a one-hit wonder, and claims she's been missing out on some significant income from the licensing.

Basil claims that she's become "withdrawn, despondent, and physically ill," adding that she's suffered from "sleep deprivation, nightmares, and anxiety" from the ordeal. 

Check out some of the "Mickey" uses in question below.