Tommy Kruise "Rhea" (video)

Tommy Kruise 'Rhea' (video)
Quebec beatmaker Tommy Kruise has an EP called Fête Foreign on the way, and he's previewing it by teaming up with the Scion Sessions to release a video for the track "Rhea."

The day-in-the-life clip offers a glimpse into the Montreal DJ's seemingly placid existence. Over a backdrop of dark, trap-inspired beats, we see the producer walking a small dog, drawing with the kids, mowing the lawn, cleaning the pool, riding his bike to the playground, and otherwise enjoying a quiet suburban life. Repeated sightings of a black car, however, indicate that there might be a little more to all this than initially meets the eye.

Tommy said in a statement, "A lot of people were askin' me what was I up to and what I was cookin' up in the last few months. 'Is Tommy hiding? Is Tommy troubled by this dry year in rap music?' Those are just some questions I was gettin' on the daily on my twitter feed. I decided to bring Martin Pariseau to my place in order to shoot a little day in the life. By day in the life, I mean a very honest one. No fireworks, no coloured smoke bombs and no slow motion. Needless to say, everybody knows now."

Watch it below.