Tom Watson Country & Watson

Having friends in high places can do wonders for a musician's career. Watson's enrolment in Drag City's Red Krayola can't hurt, but what will probably ensure success in his solo career is the list of other musicians taking part in Country & Watson. The most notable, and most prominently displayed, collaborator is the ever-prolific Jim O'Rourke (Gastr Del Sol, Sonic Youth). O'Rourke's influence is definitely felt on Watson's disc, turning what could have been a singer-songwriter disaster into something worth listening to, sprinkling in synths and other instruments to add a world of depth. By no means is this O'Rourke's best showing, but his presence is crucial to shaping Watson's otherwise average work. The two are definitely cut from the same cloth (set on bridging the gap between rock music and electronics) but it's obvious why one has gained notoriety before the other. However, add Watson's affiliation with Devo's Bob Mothersbaugh and Mike Watt and you'll probably start hearing his name a little more often. Sometimes riding coattails is the best way to the top. (Theologian)