Tom Waits Voices "Terrifying" Bird in New Animated Musical

Tom Waits Voices 'Terrifying' Bird in New Animated Musical
Photo: Michael O'Brien
While Tom Waits's raw, gravel-throated delivery has entertained us for decades through song, an upcoming appearance in an animated film will have the iconic artist flexing his vocal chops for the kids. Waits is set to star as a spooked-out swallow named Virgil in the Dutch short film The Monster of Nix.

The 30-minute musical is about a young boy attempting to stop a monster from destroying his village. Along the way, he runs into Waits's character, described as "a terrifying, giant, pitch-black swallow," as well as a reclusive forest ranger voiced by famed director Terry Gilliam. As for Virgil, The Monster of Nix director Rosto always had the singer in mind, but he didn't expect Waits to jump at the role.

"Tom Waits was always the main inspiration for the dark and theatrical appearance of Virgil," Rosto said in a statement. "But I had never expected to actually have the privilege to work with Tom. The results are gobsmacking."

Considering it's a musical, you would think Waits would crank out a number or two. Music for the film, however, was composed by Rosto, with score contributions from the Metropole Orkest, the Residents and French duo the Dø. A release date for the film hasn't been set, but you can check out the trailer below.

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