Tom Tyler Asleep at the Switch

Clearly a lover of moving images and the sounds that accompany them, Tom Tyler has crafted a delicious debut that could easily pass for a film score. This beautifully crafted, emotion-filled album of down-beat abstractions is a seamless blend of live and sampled instruments, vocal snippets pulled from various cinematic sources, and pure personality. It comes as no surprise that Tyler keeps company with the likes of the Cinematic Orchestra and Sofa Surfers, remixing tracks for both; or that he also records for Fat Cat as one half of beat-loving experimentalists Stromba. "Undupitably" sets the tone with crisp programming, sci-fi synths and some crazy cuts and scratching courtesy of Danny Breaks. DJ Grazzhoppa appears later in the album, lending his turntable talents to "Carmel Conclusion," a thick beats 'n breaks number that is suspense movie and '60s road flick rolled into one. "Chewin' the Chewz" is a more chilled take on the cinematic vibe; a lovely, loping piece of folk funk, it's simply doing the do. "Wonderful Wino Radio" and "Shatners Bassoon" will appeal to fans of Nightmares on Wax, Air, and early Mo' Funk releases, with the latter featuring smooth, silky bass and guitar, spaced-out synths and strings. Whether messin' with funky breaks and swirls of sound as on the haunting, pulsing "And So We Drift," or taking it slow on "The Way to go in N.O.," Tom Tyler knows the score. (Depth Charge)