Tokyo Police Club, the Strokes, Gossip Help Write Indie Travel Guide

Tokyo Police Club, the Strokes, Gossip Help Write <i>Indie Travel Guide</i>
Ever been on vacation and wondered, "Where would my favourite indie band buy a slice or grab some vinyl in this city?" Well, German publisher Rockbuch is looking to answer such questions to help enhance your travels.

Indie Travel Guide is set to hit shops in Germany, Austria and Switzerland this summer (North America will get it in the near future), informing indie rock hounds where to go when visiting certain cities. Best of all, however, is the book will feature live, acting indie rockers, penning their picks for the best way to keep yourself busy in their hometowns.

The list of contributors revealed are pretty damn impressive, as you can see:

… And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead (Conrad Keely) - Austin, TX
Architecture in Helsinki (Cameron Bird, Kellie Sutherland) - Melbourne, Australia
Art Brut (Eddie Argos, Jasper Future) - Bournemouth and Poole, England
Ash (Tim Wheeler) - New York, NY
Centro-Matic (Scott Danbom) - Denton, TX
Charlatans (Tim Burgess, Mark Collins) - Manchester, England
Dresden Dolls (Amanda Palmer, Brian Viglione) - Boston, MA
Duke Spirit (Daniel Higgins)- London, England
Duke Spirit (Liela Moss) - Cheltenham, England
Duke Spirit (Toby Butler) - North London, England
Editors (Chris Urbanowicz) - Nottingham, England
Editors (Russell Leetch) - Birmingham, England
Figurines (Kristian Volden) - Copenhagen, Denmark
Gossip (Beth Ditto) - Portland, OR
Adam Green - New York, NY
Hot Hot Heat (Steve Bays) - Vancouver, British Columbia
Idlewild (Roddy Woomble) - Edinburgh, Scotland
Kaiser Chiefs (Peanut) - Leeds, England
Kooks (Hugh Harris) - Brighton, England
Sondre Lerche - Bergen, Norway
Maritime (Davey von Bohlen, Dan Hinz, Dan Didier, Justin Klug) - Milwaukee, WI
Maximo Park (Paul Smith, Lukas Woller) - Newcastle, England
Malcolm Middleton - Falkirk, Scotland
Nada Surf (Matthew Caws) - New York, NY
Pipettes (Gwenno) - Brighton, England and Cardiff, Wales
Rapture (Vito Roccoforte) - New York, NY
Razorlight (Björn Agren) - Lidköping, Sweden
Rogue Wave (Gram LeBron) - San Francisco, CA
Rogue Wave (Patrick Spurgeon) - Oakland, CA
Serena Maneesh (Emil Nikolaisen) - Oslo, Norway
Shout out Louds (Adam Olenius, Bebban Stenborg) - Stockholm, Sweden
Snow Patrol (Tom Simpson) - Glasgow, Scotland
Sonic Youth (Steve Shelley) New York, NY and Hoboken, NJ
Stars (Evan Cranley) - Montreal, QC Strokes (Albert Hammond Jr.) - New York, NY
Swayback (Eric Halborg) - Denver, CO
Teenage Fanclub (Norman Blake) - Glasgow, Scotland
Tokyo Police Club (Dave, Josh, Greg, and Graham) - Toronto, ON
Voxtrot (Ramesh Srivastava) - Austin, TX