Tips on Bringing Toddlers to Rock Shows from Damian Abraham's Wife

Tips on Bringing Toddlers to Rock Shows from Damian Abraham's Wife
If anyone knows about the perils of bringing a toddler to a rock show, it's Lauren Moses-Brettler. Not only is she the mother of a two-year-old, but her husband just happens to be Fucked Up's gravel-voiced singer Damian Abraham. In hopes of sharing some of her tips for bringing the little ones to shows, Moses-Brettler recently spoke with The Grid TO.

In addition to the kiddie essentials -- books, toys, snacks, diapers -- she said, "Having a pair of noise-reducing headphones is a must. Unfortunately kid-sized ones are really hard, if not impossible, to find in Toronto stores."

To fill this hole in the market, Moses-Brettler is a seller for Peltor's kid earmuffs, and you can email her at [email protected] to buy a pair. She also recommended a ring sling -- "That way, he can watch the whole show and see the stage, and I can have my hands free."

But don't worry -- Abraham's wife isn't going to let her child witness too much debauchery. She said, "I think most concerts, save for the ones in crowded, loud clubs where there'll be a lot of drinking, are kid-friendly."

Perhaps the cutest part of the whole article is Moses-Brettler's advice to get your kid hyped about the show. She started taking her son to shows at six weeks, and adds, "Now that Holden [her son] is getting older and understanding things more and more, we'll start talking about the concert he'll be going to ahead of time so he gets excited for it."

A two-year-old getting excited to attend a show? Not only is that beyond adorable, we can't wait to see what kind of rock'n'roll monster Holden turns into a couple decades from now.

Thanks to the The Daily Swarm for the tip.