Tina And The Total Babes She's So Tuff

I bought this sight unseen, just because Tina Luchessi (of Trashwomen and Bobbyteens fame) is the Tina in question. I was hoping this would be another good garage band, so I was disappointed when I saw the cover, with everybody decked out in that total late 1970s rocker look. Two of the three Total Babes (they're men) sport jean jackets (one with the classic Stiff Records T-shirt underneath) and Tina wears a black leather jacket with a pink and black striped T-shirt. It wasn't hard to figure out this would be ’70s power pop and I'm not usually into that. However, this album, with its simple themed songs about boys and girls and making out and heartbreak, grew on me with repeated listens. There's a good cover of Holly and the Italians' "Tell That Girl To Shut Up," as well as some fine originals. There's some good "whoa oh ohs” and handclapping going on in "Waiting For You," and "That's The Way I Want It" is another "whoa oh oh” goodie. Perhaps "All About Makin' Out" best sums up the fast and loose fun (musical and otherwise) on this album. (Sympathy for the Record Industry)