Tim Timebomb and Friends "Living in a Dangerous Land" (ft. Jesse Michaels)

Tim Timebomb and Friends 'Living in a Dangerous Land' (ft. Jesse Michaels)
It's a ska-punk miracle! Today (July 12) Tim Armstrong posted yet another single as part of his ongoing Tim Timebomb and Friends project, but this time the friend he brought onboard is none other than his old Operation Ivy pal Jesse Michaels. Titled "Living in a Dangerous Land," it's their first studio team-up in roughly 24 years, and you can stream it down below.

It's no "Sound System" or "Bank Shot," but the track presents a pepped-up, if by-the-numbers, arrangement that has Armstrong mumbling and Michaels scratchily shouting about the state of the world. You can check out the old friends' new track down below.

In other Armstrong news, Rancid and Transplants are currently out on the road together, and have upcoming booked this week in Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary. You can see the details over here.