Tim Krog's Synth-Fuelled 'Boogey Man' Score Set for Vinyl Reissue

Tim Krog's Synth-Fuelled 'Boogey Man' Score Set for Vinyl Reissue
If you're looking to beef up your slasher film soundtrack collection beyond standards like John Carpenter's Halloween or Waxwork Records' upcoming Friday the 13th repress, Motionsound Records are set to slide the score to 1980 B-movie The Boogey Man into your creepy little mitts.

A new version of Tim Krog's spooky synth score to the film, whose plot revolves around murder, spectral possessions, and the supernatural properties of shattered mirrors, is set to arrive through the label September 16 in a limited edition pressing of 500 copies. The dark, ambient pieces proffered for the upcoming release appear to match the run order of the original soundtrack pressing in 1980, via SST Records (not to be confused for Black Flag member Greg Ginn's punk imprint of the same name).

All told, the album features 12 of Krog's terrorizing synthscapes, like the tapestry of ghost shrieks and children's chimes on "Nightmare," or the sci-fi singing saw work on the aptly named "Weird Willy Music." You can sample snippets from the movie score in the player down below.

The Boogey Man:

1. The Boogey Man
2. Nightmare
3. Weird Willy Music
4. The Boogey Man Strikes
5. Explosion at the Well
6. The Boogey Man (Version 2)
7. Childhood
8. Jake's Theme
9. Gloom
10. Music Box
11. Fast Tracks
12. The Boogey Man (Version 3)