Tim Kinsellas He Sang His Didn't He Danced His Did

The voice of Joan of Arc has come to bless us with a solo mini-album full of previously released Joan of Arc songs? Yes, Tim Kinsellas's debut solo album is a covers album. Four of the seven tracks on this mini-album are taken from Joan of Arc's How Memory Works (1998) and Live in Chicago, 1999 (1999). Seven tracks in all, the other remaining three are translated songs written by Jean-Pierre Leaud and legendary French singer Jacques Brel ("My Death"). Kinsellas's brand of tortoise-paced acoustic rock is so minimal that it seems to vanish and then reappear seconds later. The journey from his band to his solo career is not much, as most of the songs on here sound like past acoustic Joan of Arc tunes. What is so remarkable about this album is that it is as MOR as Joan of Arc will ever get. Just him and his guitar, Kinsellas uses his soft, awkward voice to accompany his complex guitar playing. Although the idea of this album is quite intriguing, using a solo effort to rehash your own songs seems a little wasteful. Hopefully, next time he chooses to venture outside of Joan of Arc and Capn' Jazz, Tim Kinsellas will put a little more effort into a proper solo debut. (Troubleman)