Tightrope / Brutal Youth Tightrope / Brutal Youth

The split record has been a staple of punk rock since the genre's inception. It's a sign of camaraderie and unification that's always been connected with the movement, as well as an easy way to discover new artists for listeners. With this ten-inch record, two of Canada's unsung hardcore acts, Montreal, QC's Tightrope and St. John's, NL's Brutal Youth, team up to deliver the goods to budding fans, old and new. Tightrope pull the trigger of the starting pistol with their five-track contribution, packed with melodic but gruff vocals, jangling guitars and anthemic choruses akin to '90s dignitaries Avail. Brutal Youth unveil the obvious influences of posi-core vets 7Seconds and Kid Dynamite, delivering incredibly fast but intricate songs with heart-on-sleeve lyrics, most notable in the denunciation of "Heart and Soul," the personally political "Living with Ghosts" and the intimate "Postman." Either side of this split possesses enough speed, grit and melody to woo any hardcore punk enthusiast, while also buzzing with the promise of what's to come from these hopefuls in the near-future. (My Fingers! My Brain!)