Tigersmilk Android Love Cry

Tigersmilk is a stellar, no-holds barred improvisational trio featuring Rob Mazurek, Jason Roebke and Dylan van der Schyff, and their latest record is a loose, vibrant affair. Mazurek’s prolific output is impressive enough, never mind the calibre of his work in Isotope 217, the Chicago and São Paulo Underground projects, and the Exploding Star Orchestra. With his diverse discography and list of collaborators (including an upcoming release with Bill Dixon), Mazurek is truly one of the finest, most visible jazz players of the day. Never stifled, Tigersmilk are quite a different outlet for Mazurek. Along with Chicago’s Roebke on bass and Vancouver’s Van der Schyff on percussion, Mazurek spends as much time adding textures to Tigersmilk with a laptop, synth and banjo as he does on his horn. On Android Love Cry, the collusion fosters haunting soundscapes that jump from discordant aloofness to warm, tangible cohesion. The players feed off one another, making a refined noise that’s splendidly surreal. (Family Vineyard)