Thyrfing Vansinnesvisor

How can anyone resist an album that features keyed fiddle on three tracks? Only two tracks on Thryfing’s latest are actually in English, telling of Viking courage and Norse mythology, but by the sound of Vansinnesvisor, we’re dealing with a continuous theme. The album’s driving rhythm easily lends itself to visions of warriors, gods, great ships and great campaigns. Vansinnesvisor’s production is very in your face, especially the vocals and drums, so you should have no trouble imaging hordes of Vikings setting off for conquest. When Thyrfing sticks to straightforward blackened metal, they’re nice and evil, but the most engaging passages of Vansinnesvisor coincides with the appearance of folk instruments, melodies and rhythms — when Thyrfing temper their brutality with a little peaceful earthiness. Norse metal and folk make such a great combination. (Hammerheart)