Thunderheist's Isis Opens Up About Solo Debut: It's "Like Betty Davis Fronting Joy Division"

Thunderheist's Isis Opens Up About Solo Debut: It's 'Like Betty Davis Fronting Joy Division'
Earlier this year, Thunderheist announced that they would be playing their "LAST EVER shows." Still, it's not all bad news for fans of the Toronto-based electro duo; producer Grahmzilla has already launched several projects of his own, and now frontwoman Isis has revealed some of the details of her upcoming solo debut.

In an interview with AUX, the singer said of the record, "It's still very electro-based. My influences you can really hear, like Betty Davis, Debbie Harry, the Doors, Joy Division. Someone was saying the other day that it was like Betty Davis fronting Joy Division. It's danceable, but I wouldn't say it's dance music."

Unlike Thunderheist, where Isis split songwriting duties with Grahmzilla, she has now begin writing material entirely alone. "This time around I'm writing the music and writing the lyrics and working with different producers to actually put it all together," she explained in the interview. "I wanted artistic control so bad and then once I got it I was like 'what do I do? There's nobody giving me beats!' It was a bit of a struggle the first month. I really felt I was a divorcee having to fix the car myself for the first time."

Speaking about the lyrics, Isis admitted that her new material is deeply autobiographical. "Against every bone in my body, it turned out to be a lot of songs about my ex-boyfriend," she said.

There's currently no word on what the album will be called, but it's slated for a spring 2011 release, with singles and downloads expected to drop in the coming months. Embedded at the bottom of this page, you can hear the synth-dazzled song "The Avenue," which she described as her "first attempt at producing music."

She currently has only two upcoming tour dates (see below), although a note on her MySpace page reads, "expect lots of these in 2010."

Tour dates:

10/20 Halifax, NS - The Paragon Theatre
11/12 Carlisle, PA - Anita Tuvin Schlecter Auditorium