Thundercrack The Crack

This be the wild shit! If you miss the Oblivians or think that the first two Blues Explosion records were their best, then Thundercrack's The Crack is a must-have album. This is blues punk the way it should be played: all sleazy and crazy, with rock-solid grooves and great echo-y crooned-out vocals. From the amazing intro track straight through to the bookend-style outro groove, these guys hit the spot like a double shot of Jack Daniels chased with a king can, followed by a speed-ball and a full release-style massage. Not only is the whole album written and produced by the band, but guitarist Stanley Roadrunner also makes and uses his own guitars and effects, all of which can be heard here. The crazy Moog-like synth effects really take this album to another level, like on the absolutely insane "Cheap Cosmetics," as do the organ and piano parts on "Big Fat Lady" and "Mature Woman." This album is totally sweet like a ninja. (Estrus)