Thundercat "Tron Song" (video)

Thundercat 'Tron Song' (video)
As his feline-friendly moniker suggests, Thundercat (a.k.a. Stephen Bruner) loves all of those adorable little furballs out there. The thing is, the new video for his pet-saluting Apocalypse track "Tron Song" has the artist involved in some pretty gross roleplay.

Produced in conjunction with comedian Eric Andre, the lo-fi video finds the funky bass wizard making googly eyes with a laser-eyed kitten, trying out an oversized litter box in which he dug up a gun, and going half-furry by flying through the cosmos wearing a giant tiger's head as a helmet. There's also a very tasteful Fantastic Voyage tribute that has a shrunken Thundercat traversing Tron's anal canal.

If you've ever asked yourself the question "how many point-blank shots to the penis can one man withstand?", the answer is apparently five or six. You'll discover this fact and a couple of shots of Thundercat dry-humping a ball of yarn down below.