Throneaeon Throneaeon

There is absolutely no info here, but I'm guessing these death metal maniacs are from Sweden, going on the names and the production sound. Throneaeon play extremely competent death metal, a mix of Floridian Morrisound and Swedish Abyss. Hints of melody try to squeeze out of the crunchy, fast metal but only get crushed, making way for the straight-ahead death metal onslaught. Double-kick drums cranked up, guitars zigzagging around, playing riffs that kick ass but will never stick in your head, and guttural vocals that don't quite make it to cookie monster levels of cheesiness; it's not bad at all. It leaves the aftertaste of generic death metal in your mouth but they'll have the last laugh when you reach for it for a second and third listen. Above average, but Throneaeon would really shine if they decided to explore new ground instead of running on the spot. (Stemra)