Thrill Jockey Offers Up New Batch of Limited Twelve-Inches

Thrill Jockey Offers Up New Batch of Limited Twelve-Inches
Last month, Thrill Jockey kicked off an amazing subscription club with limited twelve-inches from Pit Er Pat, Tortoise and more. That set was the first batch in a three-batch series, and now the venerable Chicago label has outlined releases for their second group of records, as well as thrown in some extra, non-subscription club singles.

Here's a run-down of package two from the label, with those with an asterisk marking those releases that are part of subscription club and can be bought on their lonesome:

Thank You "Pathetic Magic" * - This is a 12" with two new songs and three remixes of the songs by Dan Deacon, Asa Osborne (Lungfish) and Jason Urick.  A very Baltimore heavy affair!

White Hills "Dead" * - Another recent signing to the Thrill Jockey family.  This debut TJ 12" is an EP that provides a quick glimpse of the forthcoming album to come.  It features drumming from Kid Millions (of Oneida) and Antrønhy ؘH (of Julian Cope's Black Sheep Band). Psychedelic space rock for the 21st century!

Jason Urick "Husbands" - This is a limited debut LP from Jason Urick who you might remember from WZT Hearts.  He creates minimalist electronic soundscapes that are ghosted and fragmented melodies buried in distorted tones that slowly unfurl in subtle ways that reward patient listeners.

Mountains "Etching" - This is the limited vinyl version of a live tour CD-R the band hand on their previous tour.  It features an early version of their set from that tour and was recorded at their home studio entirely live. Each jacket is hand-stamped and unique!

The set ships in October with a limited LP from Pontiak. Package three, due the month after, is to include records from Javelin and Mi Ami.