Those Dancing Days "Those Dancing Days"

Those Dancing Days 'Those Dancing Days'
There’s something delightful about artists that name a song after themselves. Minor Threat chose theirs as a theme song to address their arrival, whereas Belle & Sebastian used theirs for storytelling, possibly about the French titular characters. (Let it be known that as much as I adore them, I wouldn’t include Slowdive in this elite group. Despite their adamant claims that they did not borrow their name from Siouxsie & the Banshees, it reeks of unoriginality.) Stockholm’s Those Dancing Days suit the animated suggestion of their name, evoking an undeniable impulse to let go of your inhibitions at the local disco (however, because of their young ages – they’re all still in high school – they admit to rarely attending clubs). Notwithstanding their lovely appearance, the five girls tackle the ’60s girl pop better than the Pipettes, using more of a genuine throwback sound as well as a contemporary indieness to give you a fix without any kitschy gimmick. This self-titled song from their superb self-titled mini-album (out on V2 in Scandinavia, and the single is out on Wichita in the UK) blares an overwhelming Farfisa to give it one hell of a potent Northern Soul-ful wallop; it’s not far off the organ-ic ground tread by fellow Swedes Love Is All, though it’s cut from a closer pattern to that band’s sugary old guise, Girlfriendo, than a shouty, DIY punk design. Singer Linnea Jönsson’s voice is effortlessly cool (like her fabulous ’fro), sounding much older and wiser than her teenaged years. But Cissi Edraimsson is as much the star if not more, finding a beat that shuffles hastily in order to ensure dancing days will be had by their audience. Expect a much-hyped debut album some time in early 2008.