Thor Beastwomen From the Center of the Earth

Yikes — here we go again. Just when you thought it was over, Vancouver’s Thor is back, this time with Mike Hoffman (comic book artist, he drew the accompanying comic book, sold separately I believe). And man, I’ve had a lot of tolerance for Thor’s tunage over the years; the guy is a living legend, he’s a super nice dude, his live shows are amazingly fun, his last disc was half-decent (had one quite killer tune, actually), but this incredibly named disc totally sucks. Thor’s legacy of confusion continues with this disc (he should tour with Entombed; they would only play shows no one could figure out how to get to or something). About half the tunes are Hoffman’s, half Thor’s; the back cover kind of maps out what’s going on, but I still found myself a little foggy while it was playing. But who cares, because the songs are all cheesy, and not even in a fun way. Just horridly produced fromage; without the smiles all around like at his live shows, this one just leaves me feeling kind of down. Having said all that, I will admit opening cut "Break the Ice” has been stuck in my head a little bit as of late, so there you go. (Independent)