Theophilus London "Can't Stop" (ft. Kanye West) (snippet)

Theophilus London 'Can't Stop' (ft. Kanye West) (snippet)
Snippets can be fairly frustrating, particularly when they're too brief. Fortunately, hip-hop character Theophilus London is feeling generous, and has shared the entire Kanye West guest verse from his forthcoming "Can't Stop."

The 90-second clip opens with a hook from Theo that helps establish the song, but wastes no time in getting to Yeezy's verse. Here, the rapper talks about getting with troubled girls and shouts out Ralhp Lauren and Palo Alto, California.

Listen to Kanye West's "Can't Stop" verse below. The song will appear on Theophilus London's Vibes album, which is set to arrive on October 28 via Warner Bros.

UPDATE: The stream has now been removed due to a copyright complaint from the right holders.