The Medicine Hat "New Survival"

The Medicine Hat 'New Survival'
Despite the Alberta-centric name, indie rock outfit the Medicine Hat hail from Hamilton. The hard-working Ontario-based band are readying a new album for release this fall, and before the full-length offering arrives, they've shared a brand new single called "New Survival."
For the group's lead singer Nabi Sue Bersche, the song is a mantra to fend off approaching fears. "It's about struggle: trying to inhabit my city, my home, my body, my depression, my angst, my art," she tells Exclaim! "I wrote it in the midst of some changes in my physical and mental environment; changes I found difficult to navigate. It doesn't resolve with any answers, but it does resolve with hope. A shaky, raw, unsure sort of hope. A new survival, if you will."​
That powerful sentiment get transformed into music thanks to shimmering guitar lines, steady rhythms and euphoric bursts of analog synths, all woven together underneath Bersche's soaring vocal delivery.
Hear it for yourself by giving "New Survival" a listen in the player below.