The Killers' Show in Wales Sees Fans Piss All over the Stadium

"People were urinating everywhere"
The Killers' Show in Wales Sees Fans Piss All over the Stadium
Was there something in the water in Wales this weekend? After all, it seems as if everyone in the south of Britain found themselves with a desperate need to go. Following news that Ed Sheeran needed two potty breaks while performing in Cardiff, news has emerged of a group piss-up at a Killers show.

The Las Vegas swoon-rock group performed at Swansea's Liberty Stadium, where less-than-ideal bathroom access resulted in, well, a whole lot of public peeing.

According to Wales Online, those with stadium seats were allowed to use normal washrooms like normal concert attendees. Those with floor seats, however, had to leave the stadium, line up for porta potties, then line up to reenter the show. Some reported that the ordeal took 45 minutes.

"I was furious," attendee Sam Jones said. "I missed the first three songs because I was queuing for an hour to use the loo. A lot of the women in the queue were furious, saying they had basically spent £65 for a wee!"

Under those circumstances, people decided to take relieving themselves into their own hands. "People were urinating everywhere," concertgoer James Hall said. "I complained to the stewards, but there was nothing they could do. We couldn't have a drink after seeing all this because I was with three women who didn't want to pee up against a fence. Neither did I."

Some frustrated fans decided to piss and moan about the whole ordeal. Read their tweets below.