The Body and Full of Hell "The Butcher" (Leonard Cohen cover)

The Body and Full of Hell 'The Butcher' (Leonard Cohen cover)
As beautiful as Leonard Cohen's "The Butcher" is, the Songs from a Room classic comes framed with at least one slaughter and imagery of a body spattered in blood. Full of Hell and the Body have now given the folk piece a freaky, harsh-noise makeover, which may well make your head explode. The collaborative track, pulled from their forthcoming One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache, is streaming now.

Long gone is Lenny's simply structured acoustic arrangement, with the two metal acts instead opting to blow speakers apart with a frazzled ball of distortion and feral screaming. While it might not make for a particularly "joyful sound," it certainly leaves an impact.

Ye tortured lambs and only children, you can stream the track down below, care of CVLT Nation. As for the rest of the album, it arrives March 25 through Neurot Recordings.