​The Avalanches Launch Hotline Revealing Snippets of New Music

​The Avalanches Launch Hotline Revealing Snippets of New Music
The Avalanches' road to making a return has been a long and winding one, complete with pit stops for unearthed demos and King Kong musicals. But, now, it seems that Australian sound collage artists may actually be getting ready to deliver something a bit more substantial.
Posters have been put up around London advertising a documentary about the band called Since They Left Us: What Ever Happened to the Avalanches — and a phone number listed on the posters seems to lead inquisitive fans to snippets of new music.

A Reddit user pointed out that calling the number (+44 800 098 8938) is met by a loop of a song that Shazam identifies as "Subways," credited to the Avalanches.
The band has also unveiled a trailer video for Since They Left Us earlier this week, featuring cameos from Ariel Pink, Father John Misty and more — prompting rumours that they may even be collaborators on an upcoming new album.
The band are set to play their first live show in a long time at Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona on June 3, but there may be more exciting news on the way before then. Watch the teaser video for the doc below and stay tuned.