Tetras Pareidolia

Epic in both density and duration, Pareidolia evokes the psychological phenomenon with which it shares its name. Taken at face value, the four sides of this double-LP present vaguely swinging, minimalist free-improvisation. However, when one peers deeply within the spiralling vinyl grooves, familiar, multi-tiered sonic constructions take shape. The phenomenally restrained percussion of veteran drummer Jason Kahn, paired with Christian Weber's ultra-precise double bass work, provides an intricate skeleton of minimalist throb and chatter. Jeroen Visser's electronics swarm and gurgle, filling any remaining space with phantasmal sound. A subliminal groove is omnipresent, at times a quickened heartbeat, at others a slow demonic chortle. This sinister pulse binds the trio's otherworldly spirit tones to an earthly foundation. Such strange architecture arrives courtesy of a unit bent on establishing a sense of structure within structure, ad infinitum. (Flingco Sound System)