Tes Take Home TES

I regret putting this album aside a couple of months ago, after only one listen even. Recently, I was moved to give it another try and discovered I had been sleeping so hard I had a pillow and blanket under my arm. But now I am awake to shake you out of your stupor. Take Home TES is not an easy album to appreciate at first. It's hard, and not in a thug-ish way. TES One's heavily sci-fi-tinged lyrics are rapped in a high-speed, fx-distorted, nasal, Bone Thugs-style. Most songs will require numerous listens to fully comprehend. But the track that most proves TES's MC skills is also the track that demands the least listens: "No Mic" is a low-fi, four-and-a-half-minute, non-stop freestyle that rarely falters; also being slower and easier to assimilate. However, I've barely cracked the lyrical code since I keep getting sidetracked into the levels within TES's self-produced beats. At first they seem simple, but in a short time so many sounds are utilised that it's easy to get lost in them and their changes. The space-like feel those sounds create complements TES's lyrics, proving that the best duo features an MC who can produce his own beats. A little work on the drums next time around would be my only advice. And that's a small complaint for Take Home TES, a complex listen that shouldn't be missed. (VF)