Tegan and Sara Reveal 'Heartthrob' Release Date

Tegan and Sara Reveal 'Heartthrob' Release Date
Tegan and Sara have slowly been unveiling details behind their upcoming Heartthrob LP since September, and now the sister duo have revealed when fans can pick up their next platter. A video post from the pair confirms that it will arrive January 29 in North America via Warner Bros., while UK fans will have to wait another few weeks before the album hits their shelves on February 18.

The video update was filmed in the UK, where the band are currently on the road with the Killers, and sums up their current tour, delivers the details on a benefit gig in New York, and explains that they'll be rolling out even more info sometime soon.

You can watch it for yourself below.

While the tracklisting for Heartthrob has yet to arrive, you can count on recently previewed numbers "Closer" and "I'm Not Your Hero" being shuffled somewhere into the sequence. Aside from the album, you can also look forward to a remix of "Closer" courtesy of Vancouver-based electronic musician/visual artist Andy Dixon to come out sometime soon.

Speaking with Exclaim!, the performer formerly known as Secret Mommy revealed that he was put in touch with Tegan and Sara through mutual friend Christopher Smith, for whom Dixon delivered a remix of the singer's "Pillars and Pyre" single. Apparently, fans can expect his redo to scrub out the original euphoric electro-pop pulse of "Closer" for something a little more sinister.

"'Closer' is a really bouncy, fun track so I decided to flip that 180 degrees. I gave it a much darker and more dour mood," Dixon confesses. "It's now a bittersweet dance track. I used only the a cappella track; none of the original music."

It's currently unclear exactly when Dixon's remix will drop, but chances are it will be before the album hits in January.

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