Teen Daze Returns with 'A Silent Planet'

Teen Daze Returns with 'A Silent Planet'
Let's get serious, here: BC-based chillwaver Jamison, better known as Teen Daze, has no shortage of music on the market these days. Last year, he flooded us with a handful of EPs, just last month he delivered an atmospheric set under the nom de plume Two Bicycles and now he's back for more with a new EP under his original moniker.

A press release explains that his latest set, A Silent Planet, was pulled from a number of personal experiences. While he began crafting the tunes recently while gazing at the "beauty and monolithic qualities" of Mt. Cheam, a peak near his parents' place in the Fraser Valley, the record was also inspired by a trip to a remote village in the Swiss Alps a few years back. While there, Teen Daze read C.S. Lewis's Out of the Silent Planet. The tale of a man's celestial journey clearly made an impact on the musician, as he's applied his learnings to the new record.

The statement goes on to say that the six-song set is "the result of many musical experiments, auditory accompaniments, and an attempt at a re-creation of Jamison's experiences with this novel."

While lead single "Surface," which you can download here, shimmers with the same kind of gauzy synths and warped sounds as his earlier efforts, the rest of the set "may not resonate with those people who have come to admire his past works."

Waaga Records issues A Silent Planet on August 9.

UPDATE: A Silent Planet is now due out September 13.

A Silent Planet:

1. "Surface"
2. "It Calls Me Under"
3. "I Fell Into The Light"
4. "The Harvest"
5. "Watch Over Me"
6. "Malacandra"