Teen Daze Introduces Two Bicycles Side-project for New Full-length

Teen Daze Introduces Two Bicycles Side-project for New Full-length
BC-born chillwaver Teen Daze has bounced around between a few styles since starting up his bedroom project a few years back. While his early work tinkered with the icy synths and '80s production values of the chillwave movement, his most recent release, the hazy Beach Dreams EP, was rife with jangly, reverberated guitars. The guy is ready to get back at it, but this time his tunes differ too much from the Teen Daze template to warrant using that particular banner. He will instead be going by the name Two Bicycles for his new album.

Teen Daze's Two Bicycles project will release the 11-song The Ocean on cassette through Crash Symbols and as a digital download on Bandcamp. The album, recorded in his bedroom in Chilliwack, BC, is completely instrumental. But while the tunes lack the confessional lyrics of his other work, Teen Daze feels The Ocean is hardly impersonal.

"The new Two Bicycles record is one of the most personal records I've made to date," he said in a statement. "Even though there aren't any vocals on the record, I feel that I've expressed myself more clearly than I have on any other release I've done. Although this is a 'side project,' I take these songs as seriously as I do the songs for the Teen Daze project."

Leaked soundscapes "Moon Colours" and "Alone at Sea" are vivid washes that the artist feels runs the gamut of emotions.

"The record tells the story of a night spent at sea," he said. "The beauty and hope that comes with the watching of the sun set, swimming in the moonlight and looking back at life back on land in fondness and happiness. But as the night falls, and the endless ocean reveals itself as the chaotic, exilic wilderness, the main character begins to feel isolated and on edge. The ocean can bring both optimism and fear, hope and loneliness."

The Ocean will be released April 5.

The Ocean:

1. "The Ocean (Part One)"

2. "Sunset"

3. "Swim In The Moonlight"

4. "Moon Colours"

5. "I'm Not Afraid To Wait For You"

6. "Visions"

7. "Quiet Danger"

8. "I Always Feel Like I'm Being Followed"

9. "Exiled"

10. "Alone At Sea"

11. "The Ocean (Part Two)"