Tanya Tagaq "Centre" (ft. Shad)

Tanya Tagaq 'Centre' (ft. Shad)
Tanya Tagaq has released another teaser track behind her forthcoming full-length, Retribution. The latest preview finds her and Shad working their respective vocal styles over the menacing, mechanical groove of "Centre."

In the first verse, Shad takes the mic to talk about "the centre of the centre of the earth," while Tagaq supplies throat singing sounds in the background. The metre quickly shifts into a whirlwind of distorted guitar harmonics, honking geese, and chaotically unfurling bass noise, though Tagaq juxtaposes this with a hushed, but haunting vocal.

You can hear the collaborative track below, courtesy of Fader.

Retribution is out October 21 via Six Shooter Records. Tagaq had previously stated that "this album is about rape. Rape of women, rape of the land, rape of children, despoiling of traditional lands without consent."