Tantric Tantric

Days of the New, Creed. Can you tell the difference? Although it all reads differently, it all sounds the same. Tantric is a severely watered down residual strain of "grunge" music from the '90s. It is the kind of stuff that is found in middle-America shopping mall music stores, placed on shelves to amuse the easily amused. This super-annoying, vocal dominated folk-rock is so processed that it makes Campbell's soup seem like a gourmet dinner entrée - maximum regurgitation, zero soul. It makes me think that the band was on some kind of soulless ship of doom meant for disaster. While they knew it was sinking fast, they decided to engage in a marathon to see how many unfocused songs they could write that sounded exactly the same before their ultimate demise. Out comes their debut album; down goes their career with poor record sales. One doesn't need to be Nostradamus to figure this one out. (Maverick)