Never Bring You Pleasure

BY Cam LindsayPublished May 1, 2004

Charming the pants off people in 2003, Toronto’s Tangiers are back already with the follow-up to their much lauded debut, Hot New Spirits. Sporting a new line-up (Yuri Didrichson and Marco Moniz left and were replaced by Shelton Deverall and ex-GBV skinsman John McCann), the band has also upgraded bassist James Sayce’s position to co-vocalist along with guitarist Josh Reichmann. Such an overhaul may sound damaging to some, but the results have paid off on their sophomore album. Never Bring You Pleasure will keep the hype machine going for Tangiers, as they’ve put together a fine album of pop that is angular and agitated, while treading a fine line between post-punk, new wave and the nu rock revolution of late. What’s best about this trendy blueprint the band has laid out is the way Tangiers don’t settle for simply sounding like bands they like. Instead, they’ve recorded an album of 12 songs that finagle a dynamic, sweat-stained spirit that proves to be their own at the end.
(Sonic Unyon)

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