Tamara Williamson "Who's Next" (video)

Tamara Williamson 'Who's Next' (video)
Toronto music scene mainstay Tamara Williamson is readying her next album Sister Mother Daughter Wife, but before it arrives next month, the singer-songwriter has unveiled a new video for "Who's Next."
The song is a reworking of her previously released track "The Next One," which was a collaboration with Absolutely Free and was released via Arts & Crafts. It follows previous single "Victoria," which was based on a story of an orphaned woman slowly uncovering her family's past.
Each song on the new record was inspired by the story of an individual woman, and in a statement about "Who's Next," Williamson explained the message behind the song. It reads:
I suppose over the years it's easy to start living in a bubble that you've created. I wrote this record when that bubble was burst by the story of Victoria. It was then that I started thinking about stories of women where their civil liberties had been overridden, all these terrible situations. I was blown away by them, and they led to a lot of conversations with friends and people I know. I started to think about the difficulties of women reporting men, and how they can stay silent. I came to the conclusion that you don't get to live with it — it'll follow you around your whole life. So the bottom line for me is that you have to think about the next person, and you have to be strong for them, because they could end up far worse off than you did.
As for the video itself, it depicts a blurry Williamson delivering the lyrics into the camera. In keeping with the sentiment of the song, however, there are points of clarity where she presses her face close-up against the camera and comes into focus. The clip was directed by Darrin Davis, and you can get your first look at it by hitting play below.
Sister Mother Daughter Wife arrives on May 19.