Tacoma Hellfarm Tragedy Orchard Songs

This latest effort by Guelph’s Tacoma Hellfarm Tragedy is a fantastic country rock record that grabs the listener by the collar and never lets go. Burgeoning contemporaries of the Sadies that have picked up on a trail left behind by the Flying Burrito Brothers, Tacoma Hellfarm Tragedy have got grit and grooves to spare and they flex their muscles on this fascinatingly musical album. "True Love Killed My True Love’s Love for Me” is rootsy pop at its finest, with hazy, hangdog vocals floating in between some compelling pedal steel work by Jesse Whiteside. "Sad Song” is a dark frontier number that recalls the Unintended, while "More to Dying” possesses the mystical traits of a Greg Keelor meditation but with an indie rock flavoured soundtrack. By "Coastal Town,” the monotone vocals and lo-fi production are as familiar as old friends, but the gang vocals on the Califone-esque "I Am So” mark a shift on this multi-layered record. The sweeter sounds of the Byrds are conjured up on "Darling Girl,” while the spacey, experimental "Bandit” oozes danger. With skills to pay the bills, Tacoma Hellfarm Tragedy have fearlessly sent a bit of genius out into the world with Orchards. (No-fi)