Systemwide/ Muslimgauze/ Sound Secretion Classics Selection

Muslimgauze, aka Bryn Jones, died in 1999, but his prolific legacy is composed of dozens of discs. This disc is composed of the singles that got West coast dub label BSI off the ground in the late '90s. Muslimgauze's trademark "Palestinian dub" sounds of Middle Eastern hand drums, squelchy electronics and almost rootsy bass lines had reached a new audience with Lo-Fi India Abuse, one of his best-ever releases, and these singles were collaborations with BSI labelmates Sound Secretion and Systemwide. One could say that if you've heard one Muslimgauze, you've heard them all, but that sentiment undercuts the appeal of dub in the first place. Perhaps the greatest variation from previous discs is the predominance of digitally sliced-up beats that trip up the 4/4 flow. The same could be applied to both Systemwide and Sound Secretion. Systemwide sounds more live and collaborative than the other two artists, and perhaps the closest to dub reggae. Sound Secretion bring more hip-hop into the mix, and also favour the clicks 'n' cuts approach. This is a solid addition to modern dub, slightly out of left field - isn't that the way dub should be? (BSI)