Swiftys The Swiftys

Built around former Old Reliable main man Shawn Jonasson, this new trio strips that band’s sound down to the bare essentials, and as a result comes up with an authentic outlaw country sound. It’s uncanny, in fact, how Jonasson and company are able to channel the spirit of Waylon Jennings into this debut album. I’m sure ol’ Hoss would have given his full blessing to songs like "Find Another Fool” and "Misty.” They even take a stab at Waylon’s trademark "Only Daddy That’ll Walk the Line,” with great reverence. But there’s much more going on as well. Jonasson’s multi-instrumental talents fill out the sound nicely, and his songs ring with a depth of loneliness that can only come from the Canadian prairies. While the Swiftys’ sound may be too traditional to break through to the wide alt-country crowd, it can’t be argued that these guys are the real deal, and following in the footsteps of people like Jennings who made country music great. (Atomic Works)