Sweat Shop Union Sweat Shop Union

Introducing hip-hop's blue-collar blues, thanks to Vancouver, BC's Sweat Shop Union. A combination of solo artist Kyprios and the groups Dirty Circus, Innocent Bystanders and Creative Minds, the Union have pooled their talents to present some catchy tales about the woes of the working class. As Lee and Dusty Melodica (of Creative Minds) summarise it, "Nine to five minimum wage is a way of life," ("President's Choice"). A socialist agenda is definitely prevalent throughout their debut, but Sweat Shop Union present their world views in an often humorous way with some interesting wordplay. The crew come together on four tracks, including the superb braggadocio of "Union Dues," one of the album's best tracks; it's also one of the few up-tempo tracks. The rest are tracks from the individual groups and from Kyprios, who demonstrates the greatest possibility for success. While Battle Axe's in-house producer Rob the Viking contributes beats for five songs, the majority of tracks are produced within the crew. A sample on the untitled last track proclaims, "If you work together, you might do something that matters." The success of this album for Sweat Shop Union surely relies on that philosophy. (Battle Axe)