Suv / Stamina MC Lotus Sound Lounge, Vancouver BC - February 18, 2003

Bristol's Suv is the melodic conscience of Roni Size's famed Reprazent crew, and on this night the English DJ proved that the ladies can get down to jungle just as well as the fellas. Taking to the boards just after midnight, Suv sprinkled in a few of his self-produced cuts but was plagued in the early going by equipment problems. With all systems go, he dropped three consecutive versions of a single track, his own "Do You Remember Me?" First, he played the half-time swing beat instrumental, then he dropped in the Tali's vocal platter before pounding away at the floor with the straight-up 160 BPM mix. Running the gamut from a hazy vocal jazz number to a hard-edged drum & bass anthem, "Do You Remember Me?," is a testament to its creator's inventive musicianship. Meanwhile, London's Stamina MC showed why he's considered one of jungle's finest toasters, his voice veering comfortably from regal crooning to hyper-kinetic floetry. The set's highlight came near the end, as Suv dropped the instrumental from last year's drum & bossa smash, Marky & XRS's "LK." While Stamina reproduced his infectious "it's the way-ay" vocal, the faithful writhed in time, the scene a glorious reminder of jungle's enduring vitality.