Surface of Eceon The King Beneath The Mountain

For fans of Hawkwind and early Sianspheric, this is the trippy drone rock album you've been missing. Featuring members from sonorous loopsters and musical free-fallers Landing, The King Beneath the Mountain is a dense mesh of guitar loops, delay and feedback, with drums and bass providing the force behind the musical gale. Alternating between breezy calm and furious blizzard pieces, this album tells fabulous tales. "The Open Sea" is the cataclysmic forward of a story that blasts the listener into relative calm with "Silence Beheads Us," the latter providing a moment's respite before encountering the grandeur of the "The Grasshopper King." "Deep Grey Night" is a sonorous recovery before the jarring shroud of feedback noise that makes up "The Council of Locusts." The closing track, "Ascension To The Second Tier Of The Outer Plane Of Dryystn," is where this fantastic tale ends, surprisingly quite gently. The members who make up Surface of Eceon are wordless bards and The King Beneath The Mountain is a quite epic tale. (Strange Attractors)