Superiority Complex Stand Up

Some of the most honest music made never reaches the audience it should but with a name like Superiority Complex, expectations start low. But by the third track — the warm A Charlie Brown Christmas feel of "Seasons” — the Orlando, FL trio draw you in. Some of the "I’m hearing birds chirping after the rain every evening” lyrics come off as corny, but it’s heartfelt. Blackology handles the muted jazzy production that (thankfully) never steals away for the nightclub. The MCs spit intelligent rhymes, curbing the curse words for references to Freudian slips without alienating audiences. There’s even the stress-relieving "Relax Yourself,” which passes for a so-so, modern day take on A Tribe Called Quest’s "Electric Relaxation.” Poisoned Fetus and Iron Monk (who also produces) kick humbling verses on "I Try,” where they acknowledge that between credit card payments, day-care and rent life’s struggles often bring them to tears. It’s not a classic, but it overwhelms you with its honesty. (Public Pictures)