Superdrag In The Valley Of Dying Stars

The year was 1996, and Knoxville, TN's Superdrag was signed to Elektra and had a hit single called "Sucked Out." Today, the memories of that song are not so great. Now signed to Arena Rock, the band has released their third and best album. Gone are the cotton candy singles written exclusively for the record companies to sell an album around, and in their place is an album that sells itself on craftsmanship. Superdrag knows how to write the perfect power pop song. Opening track "Keep It Close To Me" expresses the hassles of being on a major while at the same time is as contagious as a canker sore. Writing songs in the vein of Big Star, Matthew Sweet and even the Beatles, Superdrag focuses on expressing simple feelings of love, disappointment and heartbreak. What is so great about In The Valley Of Dying Stars is its rock-ability. Perfect for a rockin' road trip to Cleveland, songs like "Goin'Out," "Lighting the Way" and "True Believer" are made for hands to drum along to. While the exposure on an indie label will likely hurt their chances for another "Buzz Bin" video, it may just be what the band needs to get them the respect they deserve. (Arena Rock)