Superchunk "Void" (video)

Superchunk 'Void' (video)
Ready to take us down a peg, veteran indie rockers Superchunk are reminding us that there's no escaping the embarrassing ravages of age via their comical video clip supporting I Hate Music's "Void."

While there's a quick fantasy sequence of Superchunk rocking it for the kids at New York's Shea Stadium venue, the grind of the video has drummer Jon Wurster trying to impress his 30s-plus friends (real-life bandmates Jim Wilbur and Laura Ballance) by inviting them out to a hip, young rock show. Other oldies are seen trying to mosh it up with the young'uns, while comedians Jon Glaser and H. Jon Benjamin do their best to fit in with a well-placed pic for the Facebooks.

Though you'll be hearing Superchunk's fast-paced blast in the video player down below, the young turks you'll see miming along are from Ava Luna, Lost Boy, Heliotropes, and Weird Womb.