Superchunk "Me & You & Jackie Mittoo" (video)

Superchunk 'Me & You & Jackie Mittoo' (video)
Superchunk's new album is called I Hate Music, but their new video for "Me & You & Jackie Mittoo" is all about the love of music.

The clip for this rousing power-pop number consists of very low-key video footage that is overlaid with still images of various folks posing with some beloved albums. We also see a bit of performance footage at the end.

Singer Mac McCaughan said in a statement, "'Me & You & Jackie Mittoo' is a song about bonding over records, and the role music can play in your life and relationships. We asked friends, family, and some of our favorite record stores to collect photographs of people holding an album that is meaningful to them in some way — not necessarily 'favourite,' though we're sure plenty of them are. Director Phil Morrison (Junebug) took that concept and shaped it into an amazing piece of vinyl worship and music love, featuring the collected photos as well as a beautiful diorama by the artist Ann Wood."

I Hate Music is out tomorrow (August 20) through Merge.